Find out the share of messages in a chat

Do you send more
than you receive?

See how many messages you've
sent vs received - visualized.

Available for Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram.

DoubleText for Message Ratios

Explore your messaging ratio with ease

Total Chat Messages

Our app allows you to analyze chat messages with ease. Simply upload the chat data, and let our app do the rest. Our advanced algorithm analyzes the data and presents the message total number of messages sent for you and your friends.

Discover Who Sends More

With our chat analysis app, you can easily find out who sends more messages in your group chat. Our app calculates the total number of messages sent by each person and presents the message ratio as a proportion of total messages.

Compare chats

Our app lets you with compare statistics between conversations. You may notice that you tend to send more messages relative to the number of messages you receive in certain types of chats, such as with colleagues versus friends.