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For when you don't realise you've
been double texting too much.

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How it works

Facebook messages -
three simple steps



Ownership reclaimed! Facebook now allows you to download all your data. We'll hold your hand on how to do that.



Once you have your hands on your data, load it into the browser using our tool. Your data stays on your computer, not on our servers.



The number crunching happens on your machine. It's time to unearth everyone's behaviour - not just yours.


Personalised statistics
and analytics

Send, receive ratios

Find out who's the chatty one or who's busy all the time.

Word clouds

Discover your most used words, big and small.

Message trends

See a timeline of your messaging activity.

Message delay

You know the waiting game -
we've all played it.

Double texts

For when you don't realise you've been double texting too much.


Who's being cold, who's being warm?
Are you losing your lustre?

In app support

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any-time support.

Privacy and security

Your data is not uploaded to any servers - it remains locally in your browser.


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