Our mission

Why are we doing this? We want to help you understand your relationships better.

Relationships are valuable, but complicated

Whether it be friendships or romantic relationships, it's hard to know the health of your relationship. A Harvard study revealed close relationships keep you happier than fame or money. Whereas bad relationships make you more prone to emotional and physical pain.

How might you discern good relationships from bad ones?

You're sitting on a treasure trove of data

Communication is the lifeblood of any relationship. If you're under 50, it's likely your dominant form of communication is through texting. While you're at it, you're generating massive amounts of data that large companies like Facebook will use to serve you ads.

You're sitting on vast amounts of data, untapped by yourself.

It's time to take back control

We're on a mission, helping you better understand your relationships. We're designing tools to utilise the data that's been lying dormant.

We hope, through us, you'll make better decisions towards happy and healthy relationships - and ultimately a better life.

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