See your chat activity over time

Are you texting
less and less?

Get insights into your chat activity and
compare how much you're currently texting.

Available for Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram.

DoubleText for texting activity

Insights into your communication habits over time.

Track your messaging habits for different timeframes

Our app allows you to track your messaging habits on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Monitor your communication patterns and adjust your habits accordingly to improve your relationships.

Filter to a specific friend's activity in group chats

Our app lets you filter down to a single person to track their texting activity over time. Analyzing the messaging activity in a group chat can help you better understand the dynamics of the group.

Identify your most active messaging times

Our app lets you see what time of day and week you text the most. Identify your most active messaging times and find out whether you need to focus more during work hours or just need to sleep earlier.