Chart your most used emojis

Discover habits
from your emojis

Distill your emoji usage into charts
and see how many of them were sent.

Available for Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram.

DoubleText for emoji analysis

See how friends emotionally react to your messages.

Emojis charted

See exactly how many and what emojis you've used in your chat messages. Our platform provides an interactive chart that displays the top emojis used in conversations with each friend.

Message Reactions

Our platform analyses the reactions in your Facebook and Instagram messages. Identify who is most engaged in the conversation, who has the most influence, and who might be feeling left out.

Sort and group by friends

Glance which emojis you use most frequently with each of your friends. Sort by total emojis used or only by how many emojis you've used. Compare emoji usage between you and your friends.