Track engagement in your chats

Slow to reply?
or not at all

Discover your friend's engagement by
analyzing response times and behaviours.

Available for Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram.

DoubleText for texting engagement

Compare how engaged you are in your conversations

Discover your response times

Compare your response times to those of your friends. We provide both median, average delay times and cumulative charts so you can analyze trends and be more self-aware about your communication habits.

Avoid double texting

See how many times you've double texted your friend (sending two texts in a row because they haven't replied). Identify your 'left on read' anxiety to avoid those awkward situations in the future.

Track your trends

Our app charts out the trends of how many times you've double texted your friend over time. See if you've become more or less anxious over time with specific friends.