Online chat analyzer

Simplified proof
of communication

Save time when applying for spouse VISAs
without revealing all your intimate details.

The problem

The traditional approach —
time consuming and intrusive


Our immigration lawyer has asked us to collate our communication data... We would [otherwise] have to manually sift through our data and screenshot up to 3 communications per week.


There are photos & conversations that I don’t feel anyone else needs to see. They need to see a legitimate relationship, not the intimate details of it.

Our promise

Supporting documents
made fast and private

Save time

Stop sifting through your chat history and collecting 300+ screenshots.

Instead, provide your communication activity from charts and graphs generated by DoubleText.

Maintain privacy

Screenshots of chat messages contains intimate details of your relationship.

Hide your sensitive information while still providing robust proof with our generated charts.

How it works

Prove your communication
in a few simple steps



Begin by downloading your messages from Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram. Use our step by step guides to help. You'll get an email when it's ready.


Offline upload

Once your data is ready, drag and drop it into our application. Our technology works offline, so your data isn't sent to the cloud.



Gather text and call activity summaries without revealing the specifics.



Screenshot graphs and statistics to the document you'll submit to immigration.